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 purport of This site 


Thanks for coming to our site.

This site is run by me Japanese and members who join in with the intent of the site.

AS most people know,  Japan bears a lot of political and historical problems with China and North-South Korea.  Our country has  tried to deal with them in serious manner as possible. But they don't seem to take a change for better. Why?

We think it is because Japanese people don't talk much in the occasion of   international   discussion. This might  caused   that  Japan has been often misunderstood by the the rest of the world. Come to think of it, such Japanese incommunicative nature is probably because the country has kept a special kind of culture that tends to consider self-promotion deeds or criticism of others as an undignified behavior. It might be a traces of samurai ethics or something.  So I   made this site to try to clear up misconceptions as much as possible.

This is a place to post on the Japanese side of the story about international politics, history, territorial issues, cultures, and other big topics associated with relations between Japan and other countries in dispute.We will post here briefs of articles that world or Japanese media published, or old documents and maps, or readers' contributions.. anything that could support the side of Japan,   You can send me your discours in English (with a picture when  possible) from Mail Form at "Contact"   Thank you.


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